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Students Research Findings Symposium, April 15, 2014

 Students presented their TRT and Workshop projects in the annual ERC Students Research Findings Symposium on April 15, 2014.

 Swarup Zachariah:  Predicting core body temperature, sweat rate, cardiac output and stroke volume using a 3D whole body model for firefighters (left)

James Dietrich:   Assessing the Protection Factor of Firefighters’ Respirators against Combustion Ultrafine Particles (right)


 Ali Aljaroudi: The Effect of Active Pre-Cooling on Firefighters During Live Burn Training Activities (left)

 Kelley James: Impact of Heat Exposure on Postural Balance of Firefighters (right)


 Janie Allen-Blue, Jennifer Leslie, Latrice Moss, Shelly Kuyat : A Collaborative, Cross-Functional Study to Determine Biological Hazards among Emergency Department Personnel (left)

Sarah Gamble, Yousef Elmashae, Shuang Gao: Title: Qualitative Assessment of Workplace Health and Safety in Low Wage Restaurant Workers (right)

Scott Everson, Ali Aljaroudi, Shannon Douglas, Jean Schechtman, James Dietrich:  Hearing Conservation Knowledge and Training for Firefighters