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On October 10-11, the University of Cincinnati Education and Research Center (ERC) held its 14th  Pilot Research Project (PRP) Symposium at the UC Nursing College.  This annual event provides the opportunity for scientists, local professionals and students from 12 regional universities to observe presentations and discuss a broad range of topics related to the Environmental health, Industrial Hygiene, Safety Engineering, Occupational Nursing and Medicine. This Symposium provided a platform to illustrate some of the exceptional research conducted in the Tristate region (OH,KY and IN).   

The academic assemblies were then followed with a networking picnic involving the students, professors, and professionals.  The picnic provided the opportunity for the students to establish and strengthen relationships with peers in their field of study.  With the success of the 14th PRP symposium, gratitude is due to the hosts Drs. Bhattacharya and Reponen, and also the efforts provided by PRP coordinator Cyndy Cox and all student volunteers. 

------Submitted by M. Fries, EOH graduate student


Dr. Glazer, Dean of Nursing giving Opening Remarks at the Symposium


Keynote Speaker, Thursday, October 10, 2013:

Wayne T. Sanderson, PhD, CIH


Dr.  Sanderson is Professor and Chair of    the Epidemiology Department in the College of Public Health at the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Sanderson has a research focus on occupational and environmental health.  He is currently the Director of the Central Appalachian Regional Education Research Center (CARERC).


Dr. Sanderson presented an informative seminar on "Coal Workers  Pneumoconiosis – An Ancient Disease that Is Still among Us "


Time to give our appreciations: Dr. Reponen, ERC Director of UC with the speaker Dr. Sanderson (left). Auditorium full of interested colleagues and students (right).


Keynote Speaker, Friday, October 11, 2013

Denise L. Smith, PhD, Professor of Health and Exercise Sciences, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, and Research Scientist, University of  Illinois Fire Service Institute 

She has conducted far-reaching research on the cardiovascular and thermoregulatory strain associated with firefighting, the effect of fitness and obesity on cardiovascular strain, the physiological burden of personal protective equipment, and the potential use of technology to mitigate the physiological strain of firefighting.



Building future collaborative research between UC and University of Illinois Fire Service Institute.



PRP Coordinator, Cyndy Cox

Recognizing her outstanding coordination accomplishments!!

Time for exchange of ideas: Dr. Jex of Bowling  Green  State University  with his team of graduate students (left); Dr. Farhang of Toledo Medical Univ has something very exciting to share with a few poster presenters (right).



Something interesting to “Hunt” in a Symposium. Hmm!


Dr. Andy Maier, UC,  discussing poster by graduate student James Dietrich (left). Kelley and Yusof, graduate students: In depth discussion (right).


                                                           In depth discussion sessions



NETWORKING EVENT-Food for Thought!


PRP Accomplishments!!

·       Total PRP Dollars Awarded: $1 million

·       Additional grants secured by the awardees using PRP research data : $30 Million


·       31 New Investigators from other fields brought into Occupational Safety and Health Research


·       3 PATENTS (last 2 years)

! ! IMPACT ! !
Pilot projects have resulted in Research-to-Practice  ideas


SEE PRP WEBSITE for Video Presentations: