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Dr. Chen’s primary research interest is perinatal and pediatric epidemiology, studying environmental chemicals and reproductive and neurodevelopmental outcomes, preterm birth, and obesity. He has conducted epidemiologic research on DDT, isoflavones, lead, mercury, cadmium, and tobacco smoke. His past work includes: 1) risk and benefit analysis on DDT use for malaria control in sub-Saharan Africa; 2) effects of isoflavones (mainly genistein and daidzein) in soy infant formula; 3) heavy metal exposures and child IQ and behavior; 4) maternal smoking and child obesity; 5) maternal obesity, gestational weight gain, and infant death; 6) preterm birth subtypes and infant health. His recent research focuses are adverse pregnancy outcomes and neurodevelopment after exposures to electronic waste recycling and PBDEs in women of reproductive age and their children.

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