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Dr. Pinney’s primary area of research is in cancer epidemiology, both genetic susceptibility and traditional incidence and prevalence studies. She is a member of the Genetic Epidemiology of Lung Cancer Consortium, a nationwide study of gene-environment interaction of cigarette smoking and lung cancer. She also is the environmental epidemiologist for the “Environmental Factors in Female Development and Disease” study of the NCI/NIEHS funded Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center at UC and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and Director of the Breast Cancer Registry of Greater Cincinnati. Dr. Pinney’s current research also includes studies of cancer incidence in community populations and workers exposed to ionizing radiation, nephrotoxicity in populations exposed to uranium, and health effects in populations exposed to perfluoroalkyl compounds. She is Deputy Director and Director of the Integrative Health Science Core within the Center for Environmental Genetics, and also Research Director for the Fernald cohort.

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