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Dr. James Lockey is a Professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Department of Environmental Health, and the Department of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Division. Dr. Lockey’s research focus over the last thirty years has been on adverse pulmonary effects from various types of occupational and environmental exposures. Dr. Lockey’s research includes an ongoing study of the health impact from exposure to asbestiform mineral fibers found in Libby vermiculite ore; studies investigating the relationship of diesel exhaust exposure and asthma risk in a birth cohort study; a twenty-five year longitudinal study of workers exposed to refractory ceramic fibers; exposure characterization study of firefighters in collaboration with Underwriters Laboratories and cancer risk among firefighters; a study on diacetly exposure and obstructive lung disease; and the development of an environmental sensor for real-time personal exposure assessment of ultrafine particulates in collaboration with the Mechanical, Industrial and Nuclear Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Lockey received United States Presidential appointments to the National Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health; and the Armed Forces Epidemiology Board and subsequently the Department of Defense, Defense Health Board. Dr. Lockey also evaluates patients with various occupational pulmonary related disorders including workers with isocyanate induced asthma and workers with a history of vermiculite exposure.

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