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Research Description:

Dr. Porollo’s research is focused on the development of new prediction methods and analytical tools in structural bioinformatics. He is particularly interested in protein structure prediction (prediction methods SABLE and MINNOU), identification and analysis of protein-protein, as well as protein-ligand, interactions (SPPIDER and POLYVIEW platform) in the context of environmental stimuli and insults. Applications of the computational approaches, with high medical significance, include structural and functional characterization of proteins, assessment of the impact of missense mutations on human health (MutaCYP), identification of alternative drug targets, virtual drug screening, and evaluation of potential toxic effects as part of gene-environment interaction.

Dr. Porollo’s research includes a number of interdisciplinary, both intra- and interdepartmental, projects. Collaborative efforts embrace the following studies: (i) comparative genomics and metatranscriptome analysis of Pneumocystis species in the efforts to develop a long term in vitro culture medium for this obligate fungus and to characterize its host specificity; (ii) discovery of new drugs for anti-Pneumocystis therapy via a large-scale virtual screening and novel targets; (iii) structural characterization and deorphanization of the fungal cytochrome P450s (CYPs) in the in white rot fungus (Phanerochaete chrysosporium); (iv) analysis of metalloproteome of human macrophages involved in defense against fungal infection.

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