Daniel W., Nebert Daniel W. Nebert
Professor Emeritus
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Research Description:

The research program of Dr. Nebert studies the diversity, specificity and evolution of metabolism-gene, receptor-gene and transporter-gene superfamilies, and their roles in metabolism of endogenous regulators of homeostasis as well as foreign chemicals. Additional directions of research include the genetics of oxidative stress, programmed cell death (apoptosis), heavy metal toxicity, human & mouse gene nomenclature, pharmacogenetics, and clinical pharmacogenomics. The main theme being addressed by his laboratory has always been: Given the same dose of a particular drug or environmental agent, why do individual mice (or humans) respond differently in developing toxicity or cancer?

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4/1/2007 Daniel Nebert has been appointed to the external review panel of the HHMI
9/13/2005 NIEHS Awards $37 Million

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