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The University of Cincinnati is located just five minutes from downtown Cincinnati, the urban center of a sprawling cosmopolitan area with a population of 1.5 million. Called "the most beautiful inland city in America" by Winston Churchill, Cincinnati has all the amenities of a large city together with a special small-town charm. The 1993 issue of Places Rated Almanac rated Cincinnati as the most livable city in the United States. The city is built on the Ohio River, affording many beautiful and surprising skyline views from the riverboats on the water and the rolling hills along the shores. A popular convention and tourist center, Cincinnati has many recreation, entertainment, and dining establishments. Large parks within the city lend to the ambience and are the locations of many summer concerts, events, and celebrations.

Cincinnati is replete with excellent music and dance companies, including the Cincinnati Symphony, Opera, and Ballet Companies. Many popular music performers include Cincinnati on their tours. The Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Historical Society, and Krohn Conservatory are located in beautiful Eden Park. Our zoo is world renowned. Sports fans can root for our major league teams in baseball (the Reds), football (the Bengals), soccer (River Hawks) as well as a minor league team in hockey (the Cyclones) and the (Mighty Ducks)

Founded in 1788, the city celebrates both the old and the new in its architecture. Many residential neighborhoods date from the early l9th century and combine the charm of brick row houses and chimney pots with spectacular views of the Ohio River. Indeed, the Over the Rhine area, just north of downtown, is home to one of the largest remaining concentrations of 19th century buildings in the United States, and many of the city's cultural and educational institutions can trace their origins back to the early 1800's.

The University of Cincinnati has an active campus. Students can participate in intramural sports and use our newly upgraded athletic facilities, including swimming pools, racquet sports, and nautilus equipment. We have a new full service bookstore on campus and several dining facilities, as well as many eating establishments in the surrounding neighborhoods. Lectures, musical and dramatic events are many and are well-publicized.

The Weather
The climate in Cincinnati changes with the seasons. In Spring, temperatures are moderate, although it can still be quite cool, particularly in March and April. As summer comes in May the temperature can get rather hot. Summer is hot and humid. Temperatures of 90F (33C) are not unusual. You are advised to bring some light clothing for this season. Fall (beginning of the school year) is pleasant with its bright colors and moderate temperatures. Winter can get very cold and snowy (10F /-12C). It is recommended that you bring warm clothing with you. However, winter clothing is available in Cincinnati at reasonable prices.


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