Libby, Montana is the location for the CHIEFS Study

Have You Ever Wondered if Childhood Exposure to Libby Amphibole Could Affect Your Health?

To try and answer this question, CHIEFS (Childhood Health Investigation and Exposure Follow-up Study) is taking place in your community of Libby, Montana.

CHIEFS is a combined effort among the Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD), the University of Cinincainnati (UC) and your local community members. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) recently awarded a grant to explore the following research questions:

1. Determine if childhood exposure to Libby Amphibole is associated with adverse respiratory symptoms or changes in the lungs

2. Develop a comprehensive exposure history for each participant

3. Collaborate with community members and organizations, health professionals, journalists and government agencies to inform people throughout the U.S. on study findings

Get Involved in the CHIEFS Research Study

How to Participate

Contact our study team today. We are interested in your comments and would be happy to answer any questions.Young adults under the age of 30 who lived in Libby as a child are eligible to participate in CHIEFS. If you are interested in learning more about the CHIEFS study or would like to participate please click here.

Sign Up for CHIEFS Today!
We are enrolling and seeing patients in the clinic now. To enroll call Tim Hilbert at (877) 871-1794. If you are already enrolled in the study and would like to set up a meeting, call CARD at 406-293-9274.

The Libby Research Rally
The Center for Asbestos Related Disease Sponsored the Libby Research Rally in late September.

Community members enjoyed carnival food and games while learning about the research going on in their own back yard. Principal Investigator, Grace LeMasters, PhD, attended the research rally to inform the Libby community about CHIEFS. If you missed it, you can see her presentation here.

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