Clinical Research Informatics

Co-directed by Mark Eckman, MD, MS and Jarek Meller, PhD

The Research Informatics Track of the Masters in Clinical and Translational Research has itself been divided into two separate areas of focus. The first track focuses on the translation of basic science findings to clinical research studies and is titled: the Translational Research Informatics Track. The second track focuses on the translation of research findings into clinical and community practice and is titled: the Clinical Research Informatics Track. While the required and selective courses for the second track are specified below, our intent is that the student work closely with (her/his) advisors and mentors to select the appropriate courses. In consultation with advisors, students may also wish to take additional courses not listed on the track descriptions below. 

Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours


BE-8062 Introduction to Medical Informatics (even years) 2 S
BE-7068 Decision Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis 3 S
BE-8067 *Health Services Research (odd years) 2 F
BE-7071 *Quality Improvement & Patient Safety (even years) 1 F
EECE-8075 *Data Warehousing & Mining 3 F
IS-3040 *IT Architecture and Networking 3 F/S
IS-7030 *Data Modeling (first 7 weeks of semester) 2 F
IS-7032 *Database Design (second 7 weeks of semester) 2 F
*Business Intelligence
 Prerequisite: IS-7032
2 S
*Advanced Business Intelligence
Prerequisite: IS-7034
2 S
CS-6033 *Artificial Intelligence 3 F
CS-6052 *Intelligent Data Analysis (odd years) 3 S

*Must take 3 of the listed 10 selective courses.