Translational Research

Director TBA

Translational research is broadly defined as research that will provide a scientific link between laboratory research and human clinical practice. This area includes preclinical and early phase clinical testing of new therapeutic or diagnostic reagents, as well as collection and handling of patient specimens. Students will take courses in the College of Pharmacy geared towards clinical trials and regulatory affairs and in Developmental Biology, Disease and Development. Two new courses have been created for this focus area: Patient Specimen Methods and Disease Specific Translational Research. To gain a more solid understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying diseases, trainees may fill the elective hours with the molecular biology series offered at UC each year. Ideally, research projects will encompass late preclinical or early clinical projects.

Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours


PHDD-8060 Statistical Principles in Clinical Research 3 F
PHDD-8030 Pre-Clinical/Non-Clinical Studies for IND Approval 3 S
DB-9087 Disease and Development (even years) 2 S
BE‐7069 Patient Specimen Methods  (odd years) 1 S
BE‐9067  Disease Specific Translational Research(odd years) 1 S
BE-9073 Molecular Epidemiology 2 S
CS-7099 Introduction to Bioinformatics **elective 3-5 S