Core Courses

Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours


BE-8028/8029 Epidemiology and Biostatistics Seminar F/S
BE-7022 Introduction to Biostatistics 3 U/F
BE-7076 Introduction to Epidemiology 2 U/F
BE-9075 Design and Management of Field Studies in Epidemiology 3 S
BE-9066 Clinical Research Scholars Seminar* 1 F/S
ENV‐7091  Master’s Thesis Research** 2 F/S/U
      Choose one of the following:    
BE-7067 Scientific Integrity 1 U
GNTD-7003 Ethics in Research 1 S
      Choose one of the following:    
BE-7078C Introduction to SAS Programming 1 U/F
BE-7024 Computational Statistics (SAS and R) 3 F
PHDD-8060 Statistical Principles in Clinical Research (JMP) 3 F
CJ-7040 Applied Statistics in Criminal Justice (SPSS) 3 S
      Choose one of the following:    
BE-7023 Advanced Biostatistics 3 F
BE-7088 Regression Analysis 3 S
      Choose one of the following: 3  
BE-8069 Study Design & Analysis 2 F
BE-9061C Meta-Analysis  3 F
BE-7068C Decision-Analysis & Cost Effectiveness Analysis 3 S
BE-7066 Principles of Clinical Trials 3 F
  or any other advanced statistics class offered in the Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics    

* The Clinical Research Scholars Seminar meets once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters. You cannot register for this course until Spring semester, but attendance is taken and credit given if you have attended the required number of sessions.

** Students must take 2 Master's Thesis Research credits before graduating. However, Master's Thesis Research credits beyond these 2 do not apply towards the 30 credits needed to graduate. If you plan to take research credits as electives, you should register for Non-Thesis Research: ENV-8091