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The Research Study

Research Team

The research team is comprised of a several groups, who all have key roles in making CARES a success. Other than the Environmental Sampling Team seen below, learn more about the Sensory Bio Team, the Research Scientists, and the research Staff. (The sensory bio tem, research scientists, and the staff will open in a new window.)

Environmental Sampling Team

Maggie Alden

Maggie Alden is an environmental sampling technician for the CARES study. A member of the Environmental Sampling Team, Maggie goes to participants’ homes to collect environmental samples like dust, soil, and water. These samples are then analyzed, with special attention paid to the manganese levels. Maggie kicks off her higher education this fall as a student at The Ohio State University studying animal sciences and Pre-Veterinary Medicine.

Derek Hennen

CARES environmental sampling technician Derek Hennen aims to help the communities of Cambridge and Marietta through data collection and air monitoring. A biology student at Marietta College, Derek travels to CARES’ participants’ homes, collecting environmental samples and monitors the levels of air pollutants in air sampling data from the two communities. Derek plans to launch a weather balloon soon to continue learning about the environment.




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