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Learning Links to Explore More

Below you'll find more places you can explore to learn about air pollution and other environmental issues. We've visited every one of these sites, and we feel confident that you'll find some great information.

All the links open in a new window, and if you find one that doesn't work, please let us know.

NIEHS Kids Site
From the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, these kids pages are designed to introduce you to the environment its impact on you and your health.

The Know Zone
Learn all about smog, air pollution and how it affects you. Learn 50 Things You Can Do for Cleaner Air.

Air Now
Learn about the Air Quality Index and play games to find out how much you learned. Find out what you can do to lower air pollution and your risk of being affected by air pollution.

Play games and puzzles to learn about the planetís air and our affect on it.

Air Junk
Did you know specks, flecks, and particles are in the air you breathe? Find out about dust and airborne junk in the air and what happens when you breathe it.

Kids For Saving Earth
Join the Defenders of the Planet to help save earth and prevent pollution.

Just For Kids
Join Carson P. Falcon in learning about the ozone and the air. Test what youíve learned playing games and puzzles.

Air Pollution
The air around us is getting more and more polluted. Find out why and what you can do about it. Play games and puzzles, watch videos, and test yourself on what youíve learned with fun quizzes.

The Fuss About Air Pollution
Learn what all the fuss is about air pollution. Travel the world learning about air pollution. Find experiments, games, and activities to learn more about air pollution.

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