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For Kids

About the Research Study

"I believe this is a good thing for parents to have their kids involved in, they have fun doing all the fun activities and learning about how the environment affects them on a daily basis and being part of the research process. My two sons had a great time doing it and telling others how great it was!" -- testimonial from a parent

Children playing in the grass.Research Scientists are trying to find out if the air you breathe affects your health. If you become part of the study, below are answers to the most common questions about your participation.

Do you have to be in the study?

No, you do not have to be in the study. No one will be mad at you if you choose not to participate. You can even agree then change your mind later. We only want you to participate if you want to.

What will you do when you participate?

Only if you want, the following things will happen

Will the study hurt?

The only part that may hurt a little is the stick from the needle when we collect your blood, but the needle stick hurt will go away after awhile. Nothing else will hurt you.

What if you have questions?

You can ask questions at any time. We like questions because we want to make sure you understand everything that's going on.

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